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Limit exchange space _ 20200215155746.

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"This object is a magic guide device It can absorb elements and store them in this disc It can be stored for three days After three days the energy of the elements will dissipate" "The starting price is 200 gold coins and each increase should not be less than 10 gold coins" When the epoch introduced this energy-gathering disk it was a little lack of interest Also this can only store three days of energy-gathering disk and its storage limit is not high for the noble magician this thing is not popular Sure enough- After the introduction of the epoch there was no one at the bottom to bid Well it looks like it's going to fail again Liyuan sighed to himself In fact this thing was found in an ancient relic by their Litian Auction House Of course there were many things found with it Some were obtained by the top management of Litian Auction House and some Textiles & Leather Products were auctioned out Only it was sold three times but no one was willing to buy it And its price has dropped from 2000 gold coins to 200 gold coins now No way can only be sent to the next branch do not know why those high-level refused to reduce the price this is only a few hundred gold coins they should not care about ah The epoch thought to itself How could he know how many experts had been sacrificed to develop the relic Naturally the things in the relic could not be measured by the price The high-level officials would never let its price fall below 200 which was the number of people sacrificed Isn't a person worth a gold coin "So we have to invite" Li yuan just wanted to remove this object and replace it with the next one but a voice interrupted him I'll give you 210 Look at the location of the sound in the epoch Huang Zi No107 Yes that's the price Yi Chi called Because he wanted to wait for the last bid to be taken at a high price he did not bid for a long time However to his surprise no one bid for it When the calendar wanted to withdraw Yi Chi quickly quoted the price Okay now yellow 107 offers 210 gold coins Is there anyone higher than him When the epoch reacted it said loudly 210 for the first time "210 second time" "210 for the third time 210 for a deal" After announcing the result several times faster than the first two items the epoch breathed a sigh of relief At least it's sold hehe And Yi Chi in Huang Zi No107 also smiled knowingly How could Yi Chi not be happy to be able to buy such a good thing at such a cheap price but he also wondered how the others seemed not to be interested in the energy-gathering plate "Qiuyu do you know why these people are not interested in this energy-gathering plate" Yi Chi who could not think of a result asked the autumn rain beside him Know ah this thing can only store three days of energy time is too short and it has the upper limit of storage and very small it is better to use the magic core! Young master you know magicians are very rich China Suppliers they will not buy this thing to save gold coins Autumn rain of course said in fact she really does not know why their own young master to buy this thing the young master is not a magician simply do not need ah "Oh so that's it!" Yi Chi suddenly said however it is precisely because of these reasons it is cheap Yi Chi he does not need this energy-gathering disk to store energy too much time anyway he will absorb every day and this upper limit is not too small at least 500 points of energy is not Already not small 500 points a day a year is 182500 points As the saying goes many a little makes a mickle Today is not in vain at least some harvest Yi Chi thought to himself "Next we would like to invite the fourth auction item of this auction to the stage" Yiyuan shouted loudly The fourth auction item is a piece of armor gold color perfect shape coupled with the magic lines of the faint light all show the value of this armor "This is a piece of armor'Glory Light 'worn by General Silus of the Xiangtian Empire 1000 years ago It is also a famous magic guide armor It has the effect of collecting magic attacks and rebounding magic attacks It is a magic armor If you wear this armor when fighting with magicians you will be invincible" "Echoon shouted pointing to the perfect armor" Wow!!! Indeed his introduction also inspired all the people who attended the auction except Yi Electrical Equipment & Supplies Chi See yellow word 107 Yi Chi disdained to look at the perfect armor Object in front of us Light of glory Function It can absorb all low-level magic except the dark system and rebound The rebound attack degree is 30% of the original magic Principle Absorb the magic spar placed on the back to produce a light system absorption cover Disadvantages The energy consumption is very huge a whole piece of five magic spar can only support the absorption cover to absorb ten low-level magic "These fools are probably going to pay a high price for this horrible energy-consuming machine again" Yi Chi looked at the excited crowd below and said in a low voice What are you talking about young master Qiu Yu looked at Yi Chi strangely but she saw that her young master had just spoken at least she saw the young master's lips move Nothing Call them stupid Yi Chi said indifferently Stupid But that armor is very famous! Qiu Yu said without understanding Ha ha yes it is very famous but you do not forget who is the person who uses it the general of the empire people have plenty of money of course can be used they Is there No! The energy consumption of this armor is terrible level 5 magic spar! That is three times more expensive than the same level of magic core such a piece but can only absorb ten low-level magic too extravagant Yi Chi also said in surprise


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