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The Dream of Online Games Around Linlan

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[Qianqian]: Slowly, I became very fond of him. I fell in love with him for no reason. It has become a habit to pay attention to him. [Qianqian]: Sometimes I wonder if I like him because I am looking for his information every day? It's like I forced myself to like him. [Picking Grass]:.. [Qianqian]: Even though I later learned that he had a habit of throwing his useless things to others. [Qianqian]: Sometimes, I wonder if he will pay attention to me as much as I pay attention to him? That's only fair. He should also pay attention to me. The two girls on the screen have their hair fluttering in the wind. The butterfly girl, with her head hanging down, looked very lonely. Can not help but click the mouse, Ling YaoNu stood up. Team Channel [Qianqian]: You must hate me very much for what happened these days. [Qianqian]: It must be like this. Delete the typed words one by one, hit the keyboard again, and continue to delete. She really didn't know what to say to Qianqian. She could not comfort people, nor did she know how to comfort a person who was an evil woman in the mouth of Zhi Cao Ting Lan and was just a stranger to her. But she couldn't do it either, rubbing salt in a person's wounds, laughing and accusing her of how she could think that others must pay attention to her. Over and over again, the text box is still blank. There's nothing to say. Suddenly, the information box lit up. HiHi…… Are you free now, girl who is picking grass? Yeah, look, look. Wu Shilin hasn't replied to the message yet. Look, look, another message is coming. It seems that the younger brother's luck is still very good. I didn't expect that your husband and wife were online at the same time. God bless ah ~ grass beauty,inflatable bounce house with slide, let me interview it... "" Looking at these two messages, Wu Shilin did not know whether to laugh or cry. Tapping the keyboard, "I'm sorry, I have something to do now.". Shall we do it after the interview? Not good, not good, it is rare to meet you online, you now take a little time to let me hug my thighs! The younger brother is extremely envious of your love with Linyuan Eryu! “…… I'm floating. I have no thighs. On the game screen,Jumping castle with slide, Qianqian is still chattering. She was picking grass and standing behind her, motionless. At this point, the information bar began to light up again, originally thought it was better to look at it. When I opened it, I saw that the faint sky was not old. Cai Cai, are you free now? Our team is going to fight the black bear spirit BOSS, will you come over? We are at Qiancheng Station. Looking at Qianqian who was still talking, Wu Shilin thought that it was not interesting for him to be in this place all the time. Anyway, she didn't know what to say to her. Anyway, they're just strangers. Knocking on the keyboard, Wu Shilin sent a message back to Youyou Tianbulao: "OK, Sister Youyou, Inflatable 5k obstacle ,inflatable floating water park, wait for me and I'll be right there." Team Channel [Picking grass]: I have something to do. I have to go first. [Qianqian]: Well.. [Qianqian]: Yes, I've been annoyed with you for so long. [Qianqian]: I just want to find someone to have a good talk and let you know my heart to Linyuan. [Qianqing]: I hope you don't take what I just said to heart. Is that really all it is? Did not go to ask Qianqian son how to find himself to say these are the best friends will say, the screen is picking grass to leave the team, with Qianqian son made a farewell action, on the point of Qiancheng post escape amulet. Thinking about it, he sent a message to Qianqian. This time, I'm just a stone. Can't hear, can't see. It's still so pleasant to team up with the gang. While teasing with her teammates, Wu Shilin already knew that many people in the gang went to college and worked in places close to the city where she studied, and some of them were in that city, which Wu Shilin never thought of. In the gang channel, everyone said a word to each other, and the plan of the party was settled. Current channel [Hug]: I still have the photos from the last party! [Hugs]: Hahaha, I also posted them on my blog. These [Picking Grass]: My computer was broken once, and when it was fixed, I didn't know where the photos were. [Picking Grass]: What a pity.
[Stunning Beauty]: Don't be a pity, let's just send the photo to me! [Gently]: If you forget to come to the next party, I will go to your school. [Do I have a gun]: You recognize it? A year's time, that change is not small! [Stunning Beauty]: One by one. [Hug]: People never say their real names. It's really boring. [Stunning Beauty]: My opinion is the opposite of yours. It's interesting not to tell your real name. [Gently]: Party party, I love party, la ~ Wu Shilin looked at the photos that were received on the QQ window. You really have to take good care of it. Chapter 29 Huang Lan looked at the two pictures on the computer and compared them. For a long time, he picked up his cell phone and dialed Yang Zhi's number. Soon, Yang Zhi's voice came from the other end of the mobile phone. Elder Martial Brother, what are you looking for me for? Obviously, I'm not awake yet. Xiaozhi, what's your friend's mobile phone number? Straight to the point. Ah The voice paused, "I have so many friends, which one are you asking?" "Wu Shilin." "Xiao Lin's?" Suddenly, Yang Zhi's voice became a thief again, very small, very small voice, "Elder Martial Brother, what are you looking for Xiao Lin?"? Do you want me to tell him? Huang Lan has not answered, Yang Zhi's voice came over again, "Oh!"! I am silly, you have asked me her cell phone number, how can I tell? Come on, Elder Martial Brother, tell me what you are looking for Xiao Lin. Xu is a long time did not wait for Huang Lan's answer, Yang Zhi with a little sad feeling, "well,inflatable amusement park, Xiao Lin's mobile phone number is." After reporting the number, Yang Zhi continued to ask in the spirit of gossip: "Elder Martial Brother, what are you looking for Xiao Lin for?"? I will never reveal it! "I took the wrong USB flash drive." 。


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