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Legend of the Condor Heroes

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Although Temujin and others aimed at the arrow, Hua Zheng suddenly ran forward, which was unexpected to everyone. In a flash, the leopard had already risen. At this time, Hua Zheng was between Temujin and the two leopards, blocking the vital parts of the two leopards' heads. The arrow could only hurt the leopard's body, and he could not die for a while, only to increase the danger. The four heroes threw arrows and drew knives, and snatched them together. But see Guo Jing rolled to the ground, has picked up Hua Zheng, at the same time a leopard's front paws have also put on Guo Jing's shoulder. The four heroes rubbed their bodies with their knives, and suddenly heard a few slight sounds of hissing. When the wind passed by, the two leopards suddenly rolled backwards, roaring and turning. After a while, their bellies turned to the sky, and they did not move. When Boer suddenly looked over, he saw blood flowing out of the two leopards' foreheads. It was obvious that a master had used a hidden weapon to penetrate the leopard's brain, which was immediately fatal. When he turned around, he saw six Han Chinese looking calm and watching, knowing that the hidden weapon was made by them. Temujin's wife hurriedly hugged the frightened and crying Hua Zheng from Guo Jing's hand, repeatedly comforted him, and at the same time hugged Tuo Lei in her arms. "Who killed the leopard?" Sang Kun asked angrily. The crowd was silent. Ke Zhen listened to the roar of the leopard for fear of hurting Guo Jing. He sent out four poisonous caltrops. It was just a matter of waving his hand. At that time, everyone was watching the leopard, but no one saw with their own eyes who had released the hidden weapon. Temujin said with a smile, "Brother Sangkun, I'll give you four of the best leopards and eight pairs of black eagles." Sangkun was furious and did not speak. Wang Han scolded Du Shi angrily. When Du Shi was humiliated in front of everyone, he suddenly withdrew and rolled on the ground, crying and shouting. Wang Han shouted to stop, but he just ignored him. Tiemuzhen was grateful to Wang Han for his kindness in the past. He thought that he could not lose the harmony between the two families for this trivial matter. He immediately bent over and picked up Du Shi with a smile. Du Shi just cried and struggled fiercely, but when Temujin took it with an iron fist, where could he still struggle? Temujin said to Wang Han with a smile, "Godfather, the children are playing. What's the matter?"? I think the child is very good, and I want to betroth this girl to him. What do you say? Wang Hanxing's eyes were like water, his skin was like suet, and his jade snow was lovely. He was very happy. "What's wrong with that?" He said with a smile? Let's just kiss each other and give my eldest granddaughter to your son, Shu Chi. "Thank you, godfather," said Temujin. He turned to Sang Kun and said, "Brother Sang Kun, we are in-laws." Sang Kun, who thought he was of noble birth, had always been jealous and contemptuous of Temujin, and was very reluctant to marry him, but his father's orders could not be disobeyed, so he had to smile reluctantly. When Wanyan Honglie saw the six monsters in the south of the Yangtze River, he was shocked. "What are they doing here?"? It must be to chase me. I wonder if the evil way surnamed Qiu has also come? Under the support of countless soldiers at the moment, the original is not afraid of this just six people, but if the life capture, I'm afraid to bring trouble instead, see six strange in listening to Temujin and others, did not see himself, immediately turned his head, smart whiteboard price , longitudinal horse walked behind the people to defend the earth, thinking about coping strategies, in Wang Han, Temujin two close things, but not in mind. Temujin knew that it was the six monsters in the south of the Yangtze River who saved his daughter's life. After Wang Han and others left, he ordered Boer to reward them with fur and gold. He reached out to touch Guo Jing's head and praised him for his bravery and loyalty. He was so desperate to save people, not to mention a little child, even an adult. Asked why he dared to save Hua Zheng, Guo Jing could not answer foolishly. After a while, he said, "Leopards want to eat people." Temujin laughed. Tuo Lei told the story of the fight with Du Shi again. When Temujin heard that Du Shi had exposed his past shame, he was angry, but kept silent. "Don't pay any attention to him in the future," he said. He hesitated and said to Quan Jinfa, "How much gold do you want to stay here and teach my son martial arts?" Quan Jinfa thought to himself, "We are looking for a place to live to teach Guo Jing skills. If we are here, there is nothing better." Then he said, "The Great Khan is willing to take us in, which is exactly what he wants.". The Great Khan, please give me whatever you want. How dare we argue about more or less? Temujin was overjoyed and told Boerhu to take care of the six men. Then he urged the horse to go back and give the Wanyan brothers a farewell dinner. The six monsters in the south of the Yangtze River walked slowly in the back and made their own plans. Han Baoju said, "The flesh of Chen Xuanfeng's chest and abdomen was cut off. Of course, the man who did it was his enemy.".
"Quan Jinfa said," It's not strange that Black Wind is so vicious and vicious that he has enmity everywhere. I just don't know why his enemies didn't cut off his head or open his chest, but cut off a large piece of skin on his chest and abdomen. " "I've been thinking about this all the time," said Ke Zhen, "but I really can't figure out the reason. Now it is imperative to find the whereabouts of the iron corpse. Zhu Cong said, "Exactly. If this person is not removed, there will be future trouble.". I'm afraid she won't die after being poisoned. With tears in her eyes, Han Xiaoying said, "How can you not avenge Brother Wu?" At that moment, Han Baoju, Han Xiaoying and Quan Jinfa rode fast horses and searched around, but for several days in a row, they always had traces of Quan yuan. Han Baoju said, "This woman's eyes have been poisoned by her eldest brother's poisonous water chestnut. She must have had a toxic attack and fell to her death in a deep ravine." Every man says so. Ke Zhen was well aware of the ferocity of the two evil spirits of the Black Wind, and he was secretly worried, thinking that if he did not touch her body with his own hands, it would always be a big worry, but he was afraid of causing trouble to his younger brothers and sisters, and did not say so. The six monsters in the south of the Yangtze River settled in the desert and taught Guo Jing and Tuo Lei their martial arts. Temujin knew that these close combat skills could only defend themselves, not enough to dominate, so he had to drag Lei and Guo Jing to learn only a little about fists and feet, and most of the time he went to learn the battlefield skills of riding a horse, archery and charging into battle. These skills are not the strengths of the six monsters, but are mainly taught by the archers Zhe Bie and Bo Er Hu. Every night, the six monsters in the south of the Yangtze River called Guo Jing alone to teach him one by one, including boxing, sword, hidden weapon and light body kungfu. Guo Jing's talent is rather blunt, but he has general advantages. Knowing that he will avenge his father in the future, he clenched his teeth and practiced hard. Although Zhu Cong, Quan Jinfa, and Han Xiaoying had little understanding of the skills of small movements, he followed the basic skills taught by Han Baoju and Nancy Ren in a methodical way, and even practiced them very solidly. But these basic kungfu can only strengthen the body, after all, is not the means to defeat the enemy. Han Baoju often said, "Even if you practice like a camel, you are strong, but can a camel beat a leopard?" Guo Jing only giggled when he heard it. hsdtouch.com


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