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Then, with a puzzled expression, he hurried to the entrance of the steps. When he saw "Wukong" and "Yichen", he looked startled. As soon as his eyes lit up, he quickly laughed and said, "Oh, it's Taoist Priest Yichen and Master Wukong. Please come in, please come in and speak!" Then he separated the ten black-clad men on the horizontal blocking steps with his hands and hurried down the steps. As soon as Feng Lei Guai saw it, he said angrily, "Lai, do you understand the rules of Wulin?" "Yellow-faced Wolf" heard a look and found that the speaker was "Fenglei Guai" Liu Gang, but also saw the "one-armed tiger" and "ghost knife "The hag" and others, his surprise was no small matter. He was so flustered that he quickly laughed and said, "So old hero Liu, Nvxia Xue.." "Bronze Judge" see, immediately asked angrily: "Weasel, do you have eyes?" Manager Lai hated people calling him "weasel", although the eleven people standing in front of him were all murderous people. However, he relied on the old Villa Leader to line up to greet him. Moreover, all the people sitting in the hall were martial arts masters and famous figures of various schools. Most of the eleven people will hate the bone, is to start fighting, they are numerous, the other side of the eleven people can not take advantage of what. So his face sank and he said with a cold smile, "If Lai didn't have long eyes, he would still be able to come out and welcome everyone." Is it temporary? "Ghost knife hag" listen to, immediately great anger,ceramic bobbin heater core, not from the front finger cursed: "Weasel, I see you are eating the heart of the bear leopard. How dare you say nothing in front of the leader of our alliance. Be careful to annoy me. Chop you into meat sauce and steam it for the dog! "Feng Lei Guai" quickly stretched out his hand and pointed to Jiang Yufan, explaining: "Manager Lai, the rules of Wulin are that the middle and the front are the best.." As soon as he opened his mouth, the "yellow-faced wolf" looked at Jiang Yufan lightly and said in a deep voice, "This little brother.." Simple aunt "iron palm female flying guard" listen to, immediately great anger, just backlog in the heart of anger, burst out together,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, not by big. Give a shout: "Fang Qu, what thing are you, also deserve to call me leader of the alliance brother?" In a loud shout, he dodged out, bent his right palm five fingers like a hook, and grabbed the door of the'yellow-faced wolf '. As soon as Jiang Yufan saw this, he knew that if Han Gu caught him, he would surely kill him. He blurted out, "Don't do it!" As soon as Han Gu heard this, she quickly stopped and turned to look at Jiang Yufan. She said angrily, "Leader of the alliance, keeping him is also harmful." Might as well kill him. Jiang Yufan did not wait for Han Gu to finish speaking, and immediately said in harmony: "I know, you return to the team first." When Han Shi heard this, he had to fold his fists and bow down and say, "Yes, my subordinates obey." Then he hurried back to his original position. When Jiang Yufan saw the furious girl, he suppressed his anger and obeyed the order to stop, Kamado bbq grill ,steatite c221, wondering if he could command the eleven. The confidence of the evil spirit is greatly increased. Just then, a big man in black on the high level suddenly shouted in a loud voice, "The old Villa Leader went out to greet you in person!"! As soon as the voice fell, The trumpeters, who did not know when to stop, began to blow again. When Jiang Yufan heard the sound, he looked up and saw a 70-year-old man wearing a four-winged cap and a purple robe with brocade flowers. Led a line of ten men and women, from the gate tower, hurried out. Of course, there is no need to be introduced, this walk in the current 70-year-old red-robed old man, is the'lakeside villa 'of the old owner of the "multi-armed." "God of pestilence" Deng Tianyu. Deng Yaoyu was born with frosted eyebrows and rosacea, and there were few gray beards around his thin and curved mouth, but his pair Triangular eyes, however, are bright and shining like stars, which fully shows that he has a very deep internal strength. Looking around, the "Fenglei Guai" behind him whispered: "Leader of the alliance, the old man in purple robe is Deng Tianyu, the leader of the alliance. The jade folding fan must not be exposed. Jiang Yufan nodded knowingly, and the "yellow-faced wolf" standing in front of the steps rushed up to the gate tower. Just then, among the dozens of men and women following Deng Tianyu, suddenly the red shadow flashed, and Deng Tianyu had one more body on his right. A charming woman with red clothes and a curved phoenix knife on her back.
As soon as Jiang Yufan looked, his heart suddenly shook, and he secretly cried out that it was not good, because the charming woman in red who had squeezed into Deng Tianyu's right body was very. It may be the woman in red who led the horse team to chase the middle-aged man on the east bank of Taihu Lake at noon. What surprised Jiang Yufan most was that the charming woman in red was slightly frowning two willow eyebrows and staring at a pair of charming eyes. Deliberately look at him, at the same time anxious to suggest something to Deng Tianyuan. As the "yellow-faced wolf" ran into the gate tower, Deng Tianyu had stopped moving forward. He had begun to ask questions, and Lai was bowing back. Answer, Jiang Yuji could not hear what they were saying because of the vigorous blowing of the trumpeters in Class 4. However, judging from the gradually gloomy old face of Deng Tianen, the "multi-armed God of pestilence," and the angry glances he cast at the steps from time to time, "Yellow-faced Wolf is not a good thing to say." When the yellow-faced wolf finished speaking, Deng Tianyu looked very angry and was waiting to come out of the door when the charming woman in red had already spoken. Deng Tianyu slowed down. I saw the charming woman in red, looking at Jiang Yufan, while close to Deng Tianyu's ear, cherry lips open and close, I do not know what to say. Huh. But the "multi-armed pestilence" listened to her words, but his face was surprised, smiling, and his angry look was swept away. As soon as Jiang Yufan saw it, he knew it was going to be bad. He concluded that the surprise of the "multi-armed God of pestilence" must be related to the peony cup in his arms. Mind Suddenly, I heard the "Ghost Knife Yaksha" behind me scold in a low voice: "I don't know what strange idea this fox spirit is coming up with." Jiang Yufan cares about the peony jade cup in the bosom, want to know the origin of the charming woman very much, look at "one dust" way unconsciously. The man asked, "Right Dharma Protector …" "One dust" Taoist listens, say respectfully at once: "Humble duty is in. Jiang Yufan glanced at the charming woman in red in the gate tower and then continued to ask in a low voice, "The woman in red who is talking." Son.. As soon as she opened her mouth, Tong Yuqing, the Pockmarked girl behind her, said unhappily, "She's a widow!" Jiang Yufan heard the sword eyebrows slightly wrinkled, he did not know why Tong Yuqing told him that the charming woman in red was a widow. But listen to "one." "Dust" Taoist explained: "This woman surnamed Ding, known as the'Red Flying Fox ',Alumina Ceramic C795, cunning and wise, good at using all kinds of incense, background. global-ceramics.com


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